February 2006

Cool Tech Friday24 Feb 2006 05:08 pm


  1. Mind Control by Parasites
  2. Stanford neuroscientist wants to implant an electrode in his brain
  3. NIH-Created Ebola Vaccine Passes 1st Test
  4. Sleeping on it best for complex decisions
  5. Alzheimer’s Progresses Faster in Educated People


  1. Egypt offers first look at newly discovered tomb, first saince the tomb of Tutankhamun
  2. Love is the drug
  3. The Future of Science: A Conversation with Alan Lightman
  4. The Politically Incorrect Science Fair


  1. Underwater Ocean Currents Used to Power Bermuda
  2. Mazda Plans Dual-Fuel Car in Japan
  3. Has World Oil Production Passed Its Peak?
  4. Segway Inventor Turns To Environment
  5. Greenland’s glaciers losing ice at faster rate
  6. The World Oceans Now 70% Shark Free


  1. NY team confirms UCLA tabletop fusion
  2. Physicist to Present New Exact Solution of Einstein’s Gravitational Field Equation
  3. Quantum computer works best switched off


  1. Continued Success for Space Elevator Tests
  2. Human spaceflight must come first, argues NASA
  3. New group to develop passenger spaceship
  4. Astronomers get shortlist of possible ET addresses
  5. Solar Sail News and Upcoming JPL Missions
  6. NASA plans to park space shuttle Atlantis in 2008
  7. Draft Rules for X Prize Lunar Lander Challenge
  8. Spaceport Singapore
  9. NASA Detects Totally New Mystery Explosion Nearby


  1. New High-Speed Nano Imaging Device
  2. US and Canadian skiers get smart armour
  3. Moore’s Law Staying Strong Through 30nm
  4. Stronger Future for Nuclear Power
Cool Tech Friday10 Feb 2006 05:33 pm


  1. Innovative Hand-Held Insulin Device Effectively Controls Diabetes and Provides Reliable and Easy to Use Insulin Dosing
  2. Babies` Cells Linger, May Protect Mothers
  3. Skin Stem Cells Made into Bone and Muscle
  4. Printable Skin: `Inkjet` Breakthrough Makes Human Tissue
  5. Cow-free Beef Proposed
  6. Sperm Cells Turned into Eggs
  7. Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?
  8. New pill increases dreaming sleep


  1. 3 billion people seek basic financial services is Microfinance the answer?
  2. NASA Chief Backs Agency Openness
  3. NASA Public-Affairs Appointee Resigns in Disgrace
  4. A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA


  1. Physics students, duct tape extend faded couch’s mileage


  1. Flying Electric Generator (FEG) technology
  2. World at its warmest of past 1,200 years, researchers show


  1. C-130H Laser Gunship Program begins


  1. Dark matter comes out of the cold
  2. SLAC Physicists Develop Test For String Theory
  3. No Time Travel, Sorry


  1. The solar system no longer has nine planets
  2. NASA to divert cash from science into shuttle
  3. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: Searching For A ‘New Moon’
  4. Experts poles apart over Moon landing sites
  5. Seeing `Strange` Stars
  6. Should We Land on the Moon’s Poles or Equator?


  1. Power Plastics to provide electrical power to packaging and intelligent clothing
  2. Reclaiming all that space in the attic – EZ Attic
  3. Web 2.0 new tools, amazing functionality, vast opportunities
  4. VW and Google team to explore future vehicle navigation systems
  5. Stiletto Experimental ship with carbon fiber M-hull design tops 50 knots (60mph)
  6. The three-key mini-keyboard with OLED screen on each key
  7. Buying, paying bills and transfering money with your mobile phone
  8. Nano Technology may make cleaning Toilets a thing of the Past
  9. Chip prototype gets under the skin
  10. Don’t Bring Home the Bacon, Print It
Music&Tech10 Feb 2006 01:23 pm

As was reported here and here back in December, Google searches now provide a lot of nice information for a band. I was checking to see if ColdPlay had a new album in the pipeline, I searched for ColdPlay and got a really nice set of results listing their albums and links for purchase, lyrics, album art, etc. Wow – I love finding new features in Google like that.

Check it out.

Design&Futurism10 Feb 2006 11:00 am

I just was reading the recent issue of the trendwatching newsletter. I find tracking new trends to provide very useful insights into the markets, new businesses and emerging geopolitical and economic forces.

Some of the more relevant trends as listed by TrendWatching include:
Minipreneurs – this is the trend of consumers becoming entrepreneurs, this is heavily aided by online services like eBay and Paypal.

Hygienia – this is the trend of the mature global consumer being able to instantly and expertly rate the various factors for each and every good, service and experience on offer in the marketplace. These hyper consumers trained by years of consumerism and access to up to the minute detailed information for all the products and services are the future consumer.

No-Frills-Chic – exemplified by products from Muji or Ikea, these are low cost products that have a high degree of design and quality yet are still low in price. Often coupling superior customer service to deliver an overall positive customer experience, examples of this include Jet Blue or Song.

Tech07 Feb 2006 05:30 pm

The recent firefox release has caused a number of problems for various parties, including extension authors and users. Sadly, many extension authors did not set up their extensions to be able to deal with firefox security updates gracefully. There have been no changes to the extension api, but a surprisingly large number of extensions report that they are Disabled – not compatible with Firefox Well, if the extension is compatible with 1.5, you are in luck, there is a way to fix this that is not too difficult that doesn’t involve the extension author having to release a new version.

(in firefox, go to Tools->Extensions)
Broken extension

First thing you need to do is shut down firefox. Next, open the file “extensions.rdf” from your profile directory (something similar to C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.ugt in windows, ~/.mozilla/firefox/eucals91.default in linux) in a text editor. (it would be a good idea to save off a backup of this file, just in case). Search for every instance of 1.5 in the file. Those cases where the line says NS1:maxVersion=”1.5″ need to be changed:

Editor’s Note: This needs to be a text editor like notepad or textpad or ultraedit. If you use word or wordpad, you will break your extensions.rdf. At least two people have done this, so please, *be careful*. Also, some text editors will append .txt to the rdf file name. ensure that when it’s done, you have the right windows file extension.

  <RDF:Description RDF:about="rdf:#$0Q1PK2"
                   NS1:maxVersion="1.5" />

You will want to alter them so that they say NS1:maxVersion=”1.5.0.*” as below:

  <RDF:Description RDF:about="rdf:#$0Q1PK2"
                   NS1:maxVersion="1.5.0.*" />

Now, restart firefox, and go to Tools->Extensions:
Disabled extension

Right click on the disabled exension, and select Enable from the dropdown. Finally restart firefox. If everything went well, your extensions should be happy again.

Ed: A second solution has come to my attention in the form of the Nightly Tester Tools extension which will allow you to install incompatible extensions via it’s interface. With this installed, in the extensions panel, you can right click on an extension, and select “Make Compatible”. This method may be somewhat riskier, as it makes an extension potentially compatible across larger updates that may have API changes. The original method carries no risk of this, as it only covers security updates to firefox 1.5

Cool Tech Friday04 Feb 2006 10:33 am


  1. Live cells jetted with electric fields
  2. Scientists invent super-smooth, super-small pipes that could ferry medicine into the body
  3. Caffeine Free: Blue Light Makes People Alert at Night
  4. Mine Buster Targets Breast Cancer
  5. New device fights tooth decay with electricity
  6. Study Strengthens Link between Virus and Weight Gain


  1. Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him
  2. Radiation exposure drug availability blocked by feds
  3. Sexual Chemistry Only Lasts Two Years
  4. Let There Be Wi-Fi
  5. AT&T Sued Over NSA Eavesdropping
  6. NASCAR in the Clouds
  7. Telegram Passes Into History
  8. President panders to anti-manimal lobby! Dr Moreau flees country in rage!


  1. How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline. Forever!
  2. Switch Grass: Alternative Energy Source?
  3. Global Warming Risks Severe
  4. Stark warning over climate change


  1. Benford’s Law


  1. Relativity, FTL and causality
  2. Matter bound by light
  3. South Pole Neutrino Detector Could Yield Evidences of String Theory


  1. Space Enthusiast Resources
  2. The Mysterious Smell of Moondust
  3. Sliding Into ‘Home Plate’, Onward To Victoria Crater
  4. New `planet` bigger than Pluto
  5. Augmented reality telescope brings universe closer


  1. Inventor develops artificial gills
  2. Lofting Balloons for Cell Service
  3. These Houses Can Take a Lickin’
  4. Honda Accord ADAS auto-pilot system takes the reins
  5. Brain Scans May Be Used As Lie Detectors