Yesterday, Consumer Watchdog launched it’s Inside Google campaign with a daemonizing video of Google Eric Schmidt suggesting that he’s secretly and evilly trying to find people’s deepest, darkest secrets. This over the top video has him giving children full body scans and telling them about their parents doing things like surfing Porn and getting in touch with old paramours. Further, they create a clearly “evil” caricature of Schmidt with a big head, beady eyes, arched, villainous eyebrows and an evil laugh, a technique that’s been tried a few times before I might add.

This is all part of their drive to create a “Do not track me” list. Well, apparently Consumer Watchdog only wants other people to not track you, because the web site hosting their anti-google campaign is using what? They are using Google Analytics to track visitors:


Do Not Track Me uses Google Analytics

This whole argument is hyperbole. Fundamentally networks track usage, logs are created. The simple fact is, the vast majority of websites track to do one thing, and one thing only: to be able to tell which of their marketing partners are delivering value, and which ones are not. No company cares if you are having affairs on the sly or any of the other garbage that this video suggests. Consumer Watchdog, if you want to be taken seriously, grow up!