I’ve always been a fan of RPGs, so of course as soon as I got my G1 last year, I started scouring the market for anyone making a good RPG or MMORPG on the phone. Just a bit over a month after the phone came out, Parallel Kingdom was released. The game managed not just to fill the need of an RPG, but it also managed to hit on one of my other interests: Consensual Reality. See, the game places you in another reality smack dab on top of the one we are in. It uses the GPS to position you in the game world based on where you are in the real one. Personally I expect this to be the first of many realities we layer across the face of the planet, and so I follow the improvements in this game with much excitement, because in many ways they are the first ones to attack solving some of these layered reality problems.

One of the things that this game does is that it lets you create in game territory with real world boundaries. Since I’ve been playing it from the start, as soon as they offered the ability to claim territory, I jumped at the chance and started placing flags in lower Manhattan near my office, and some more at my apartment at the time in Brooklyn. Eventually I merged my two kingdoms, giving me a domain that starts in brooklyn, crosses the east river, covers nearly all of lower Manhattan as far north as 40th st.

Recently they just released a new version of the game that adds a ton of new features, and as a trailer for it, they released this video. Much to my surprise and pleasure, it shows the rampant growth of territory in the game with lower Manhattan the area in the video. The video centers on my territory not once, but four separate times. The coolest part for me is that in game, you can only see things that are very close to you, so this is the first time I have ever had a chance to actually see my whole kingdom all at once.

This is my parallel manhattan in the green:

This is a much broader view showing much more of the area: (I’m still the light green in lower manhattan, the top of the screen is south)
Kingdom 2

Now with the new release, the game lets you found cities, and you can only do so where there is a city in real life. If I can find 2 others who will join me, I fully intend to found Parallel Manhattan.