I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on various electronics projects, but for some reason I haven’t been posting the results. Well, I’ve decided to end that with my latest project. A bit over a month ago, I was reading Jonathan Guberman’s call for other people to join his project to make an RGB 40h monome clone. It looked like a lot of fun, so I decided to get in on his board order and join the project.

So after a few weekends of soldering, and lots of waiting for numerous part orders from digikey and sparkfun, I have gotten my Tinct (since dubbed Tinct 1) up and running about 7 days after Tinct 0 first bathed Jonathan in it’s cool LED glow. So, here it is, along with some other photos in my new flickr photo stream


Now I need to get crackin on making some useful command line utils for Tinct, as I’m on a linux box, and the vast majority of the software for monome appears to be for the proprietary Max/MSP environment, which does not run on linux. Besides, I think that this has a lot of potential as a visual feedback device for a unix box.